Friday, February 5, 2010

Cold and Snowy Day

Today we experienced the start of what people are calling a Winter storm. It was snowing quite a bit but not enough to call it a storm of any kind. So, I am not really sure whether it is actually still going to get worse. It does make me wonder when our friends are running around in the cold to collect and stack wood on their porch so that it would be at hand when they really need it. Then I think well, we have heating in the house and suddenly it dawns on me that a Winter storm could easily cause the electricity to fail and then we would be in a world of trouble. Now I am worried. I am going to check the weather forecast now and will leave you with this adorable photograph of Rowan watching his train going around and around the track.

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  1. Well I hope that you stay warm, I tink that I will make you more quilts for such terrible storms! They are just right for getting cozy under. We, in the meantime, are growing gills and flippers. Love you lots and lots.

  2. I love that picture. How did you do that? Stacking wood, yes, we did that. It is our primary heat source so, you know, it makes good sense. Not much of a storm though is it now? I was looking forward to a really big one.

  3. You're getting better and better at taking photos - this one's good enough to be published!