Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Life Skills

As our snow days have been piling up one on top of another, so too have our household chores so today we decided to tackle a few from our very long list.

I enlisted Rowan to help clean all the little wooden ornaments that Richard has been making over the years. They are normally on display in our living room and we almost never get the chance to really appreciate the workmanship up close. Rowan loves containers of any kind and these have such interesting and varied shapes and sizes that it kept him busy for a very long time.

Some of them had pebbles and some had shells. Rowan made sure that he saved some time for play in between the cleaning.

The ornaments and bowls in the white area are still waiting to be cleaned. The ones on the carpet are shined and ready to go. It took Rowan only about 1 minute to clean them. He would pick one up, wave the wet rag over it and put it down on the rug. Just like I showed him...

After a while of playing on the rug he felt inspired to clean his kitchen and promptly went to fetch a wet sponge.

He also managed to practice some dusting. I think we can say that today was a very productive day. Rowan practiced some essential life skills and I finally managed to clean off about a month's worth of dust. It feels good.
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  1. I do feel quite saintly when these jobs are done!

  2. Well done Rowan - Great Job!!!!! Richard is quite talented hey!, Heloise xxx