Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mr. Sun.

We were so very happy this morning when we realised that the bad weather was taking a break and letting us out on the roads again. Rowan eagerly geared up with his back pack and a warm jacket and went merrily on his way to school.

On the way back from school we listened to some children's music. One of the songs captured my attention and put me in the spirit for spring. "Mr. Sun, Sun. Mr. golden Sun. Please shine down on me..."

"Please, please, please Mr. Sun!" I begged as I cast my eyes to the sky filled with grey clouds and much to my surprise saw a tiny patch of blue. So I am hopeful that soon we will see our happy sunny skies again. Please.
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  1. Ha! Ha! When I saw the title I started singing the song. How is it that we can store the lyrics to like every 80's song AND every kids song we've ever heard? Remarkable.

  2. Me, too, had it in my had all day... also wishing for sunshine. Anke

  3. That's funny! You might also then know the song that goes something like "Home. Home on the range" and just like with some of those 80's songs I caught myself singing the wrong words as follows: "Home. Home on the range. Where the beer and the canteloupe waits." instead of "where the deer and the antelope range." You see what I think about when I think about summer? Can't wait.

  4. Oh hang on... it's where the deer and the antelope play. Oh I am so useless when it comes to these things. :)

  5. And did you know that "Home on the range" is the state song of Kansas? Pretty cool.