Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Staying Active and Entertained

One of my very best ideas ever! We have removed most of the furniture from our guest bedroom and transformed it into our movement room. This is where we play, exercise and dance. It is a room that contains music, movement and good spirits.

Rowan responds very well to the classical music from the Little Einsteins. He seems to be moved by it and when the tempo or mood of the music changes, he changes his style of dancing/movement too.

We also have a sofa with cushions that Rowan is allowed to utilise in any way that he sees fit. The room is safe for all sorts of play. The photographs show Rowan getting ready for jumping. A favourite activity of course. There are balls of all shapes and sizes too. What more can we ask for during the long and cold winter months? Well... maybe some friends to share it with. You are all welcome!
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  1. Eli would LOVE it! As we get tighter and tighter in our little house, we don't have room for as much big play like that. So this morning we were off to the Y playgym to get some movement. Music would be a plus! I sang to Josie and bounced her on my knees for awhile. We have a small trampoline and slide in the basement and they run in circles while I do laundry. This time of year, it IS challenging!