Friday, January 15, 2010


While we were in South Africa Rowan learnt the meaning of the word home.

Our first week there was very busy, the sun was hot and then there was the change in time zones to deal with. We found ourselves driving a lot and meeting different people in different locations every single day. It was a bit much for our little guy at times and we frequently had to remind him as he was sitting in the back of the car that we would soon be home with Granny and Granddad. And that is how he came to know his grandparent's house as home.

He started associating swimming, blowing bubbles and chasing cats with home. Home was the place where his two adoring grandparents would welcome him with great big smiles and big hugs. He always brightened up when we reassured him that we were on our way home.

Now, since we have been back we have been trying to teach him that our little green house, the place we keep returning to all the time, is also his home. I think after about a month or so he caught on. I have noticed however, that every time we talk to Granny on the phone, he starts to mumble things about home and sometimes when we talk about home, he starts talking about getting in the car and going on the plane.

The great thing about this which dawned on me today, is that he is one very fortunate kid to have more than one place to call home.
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