Friday, January 1, 2010

Day 1 of 2010

Before I get into the main portion of today's post I feel like I need to recommit myself to posting a piece every day of the year. You see, the last portion of this year has been very challenging for many reasons and at times it was hard for me to find the time, energy and inclination to take a moment in front of the computer and try to report on our day. So, I apologise to all of you that have been checking in day after day only to be faced with the other day's entry. I am back now. Willing and able to share those special and sometimes even the seemingly ordinary and perhaps boring moments of our life. I will try my best to be creative, diligent, positive, entertaining and insightful and for those days when eloquence, optimism, coherency and drive escapes me I ask that you... well... maybe just send some good wishes our way. So, here we go!

Day 1 of 2010 proves this family's willingness and dedication to get things done. Yes! On the first long weekend of this year we chose to commit ourselves to one of the most feared responsibilities of being parents: we chose to teach Rowan the fine art of using the potty once and for all.

I will start by admitting that Richard and I know very little about the process of teaching a small child to use the potty save for the bits and pieces of information we gathered from the world wide web. We really just went into this process hoping and trusting that we would figure it out as we go along. So the official report on this day is as follows.

We tried our very best to stay positive and optimistic. As far as patience goes I would have to give Rowan most of the credit. That boy handled the constant nagging pressure coming from us very well indeed. Statistically we had 3 hits and 4 misses which means that we had a success rate of approximately 42%. Well, that statistic is for the more scientific minded of you. Now for those of you who like to be a little more hopeful and think outside of the box I will submit the following assessment: every time there was a miss, Rowan had the opportunity to refine his senses and hone his skill. Therefor the misses were not misses at all and thus we really had a 100% success rate!

Pretty great for the first day of the year, wouldn't you say? Well done Rowan!

I have to laugh as I review this post before posting it because I didn't realise that hits and misses could be taken to mean something entirely different when it comes to a boy using a potty :) So just to clarify, what I mean by hits and misses is really whether or not he was successful at making it to the potty in time. It's funny.
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  1. We do have pictures of potty training from the girls. YOu need to take some to be able to embarrass (and blackmail) Rowan when he shows up with girl friends... Anke :-)

  2. kjhmnfder greetings from Ella (this is the 3rd try...)

  3. Oh no! I could never do that! Poor little kid :) Hi there Ella! Right back at ya sweety pie.