Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Joy in Colour

For a while now we have not given Rowan any line drawings to colour in, mainly because he seemed to get frustrated with the activity and preferred doing more creative work. Over the last couple of months we have noticed some significant changes in his approach to his drawings and paintings but today I found myself astonished at how much his drawing skills have developed.

The picture below shows very deliberate lines, drawn very carefully so as not to touch each other. You'll see the green lines in the center of the page representing a spiral. I took so much delight in watching him do this - the care that he took with each line was something to behold. Another aspect worth mentioning is his use of colour. He now enjoys using all the colours in the palette before him. I think this is a direct consequence of the fact that he now knows that each colour has a name.

Having seen the amount of control he exercised while drawing the above drawing, Richard thought it a good idea to see how he would do at colouring in a line drawing. Again I was so very impressed. Well, impressed doesn't really do justice to the feeling of pure and utter joy that I felt watching him create the picture below. And, no Anke and Jaime, it is not just because he managed to keep most of the colouring in between the lines, but because I have been waiting for him, in fact dreaming about the day that he would show that much interest in some kind of creative or crafty activity. And now we can look forward to many many more drawing sessions, Rowan and I, side by side, happily drawing for hours on end. OK, I may be getting a little bit ahead of myself, but now that one dream has been realised I have to replace it with another.

Yay! :) Well done Rowy!

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  1. Yes, well done Rowan! Keep your dreams Elaine, they are worth while hanging on to. I'm glad you are feeling better and thanks for this update. :-)

  2. Wow!!! Well done Rowy!!! What can you expect when you have two creative parents!