Thursday, January 7, 2010

Beautiful Winter's Day

We woke this morning to find the ground covered with snow. The snow was steadily falling and the forecast predicted snow all day long. Sigh... I thought immediately after "Ooh, how pretty!" because I wasn't really looking forward to finding things for us to do inside all day long. But we didn't have much of a choice because Rowan was still coughing quite a bit. So we ended up doing some drawing and painting. We played with Rowan's cars and watched a couple of shows on DVD. Before we knew it, it was nap time and by the time Rowan woke up again the ground outside was covered in about a foot of snow and the snow was still coming down. The house was quiet and the two of us were in the living room slowly making our way toward the windows and soon we found ourselves sitting on the chair next to the window staring out at the snow being blown around by the wind. For just a minute or two we enjoyed the peace and quiet Winter had brought us. With my son on my lap there was nowhere else I would rather be.
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