Thursday, January 14, 2010

Fun and Learning at the Visitor Center

We decided to go back to one of our favourite spots again today. The visitor center at the lake has always been a great place for us to be entertained in a calm peaceful and informative setting. The displays are designed in a way that makes it easy for kids of all ages to be able to learn through interaction. Rowan is steadily becoming more aware of everything they have to offer. He enjoys pushing the buttons, listening to and then repeating the names of the animals in the photographs on the huge screen above him. Here he is, next to Olivia, looking at all the different creatures that have made this particular lake their habitat.

These turtles leaped from their rocky platforms and made a huge splash just as we walked into the room. They are very active and fun to watch.

Colouring activities playfully nestled within this hideout. What fun! I am so happy that I get to relive my childhood through Rowan. There are so many amazing places for kids these days and we are very thankful for them. As for this great spot, just around the corner from us... I am sure we will be back time and time again.

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