Monday, November 23, 2009

The Power of Communication

At some point during the weekend Rowan realised the power that a well spoken word can hold. So, now he has decided to communicate his will and wishes a little more clearly to us.

Yes, it is encouraging, but let me explain why I also find it rather troubling.

In the past when things didn't go his way, he would whine a little and we would either help to make things better or try to comfort him. Now he knows that that tiny little word no, when spoken with a raised voice and that certain kind of tone will catch your parents by surprise and knock them off kilter just enough for you to get away with whatever you want. Add to NO! a bit of STOP! and GO MOM! and you've got yourself a well stocked arsenal of words that will make your Mom cringe every single time she hears it.

I am now reminded of a post I added a little while ago - the one where I said I would try not to say no all the time... I should have stuck with it, you know? Because I am afraid I am going to get back what I have been putting into our interactions and am NOT looking forward to it.
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