Monday, November 16, 2009

The Entertainer.

Drumming! Drumming, drumming and more drumming! I know, it sounds like I might be a little annoyed by the idea of drumming, but you know what? I am thrilled. Rowan absolutely loves to drum and he is a real entertainer too.

We have several hand drums lying around our living room. Rowan decided to take to them using the drumsticks he received with a different band set and now he LOVES playing the drums. He plays with varying rhythm, moves effortlessly from one drum to the next and stops and waits for applause from his adoring fans.

I have always enjoyed the earthy sounds emanating from hand drums and when they are being delivered by our little boy with that special sparkle in his eyes the loud banging turns into the most beautiful sound in the world.

Tune in and enjoy:

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  1. i am glad to hear Rowan is doing better, his school photos are so cute, and that phone call to Richard can melt any heart, so innocent. i think even if Rowan turnes 30, he will always be your baby.

    i read this blog about once a week, i do it from work, i love it, takes me far away from everything for a couple of minutes. thank you elaine, richard and rowan. mads

  2. Watch out Jay - here comes Rowan :)

  3. Thanks for recording that! I loved watching Rowan's intensity. I think Eli would like to bang on those drums, too!