Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mr. Fixit-All

When Rowan gets home from school in the afternoon, he heads straight for the playroom. I think it's his happy place - a place where he can enjoy the quiet away from everyone - after a morning filled with classroom interaction what could be better?

Today, I watched him running back and forth from the play room to the utility drawer in the kitchen fetching spanners and screwdrivers. He had a very determined look on his face and I just had to see what he was up to. He was working on his truck. I tried not to interrupt him because he seemed very serious about his job. Later on he went around the house with the screwdriver trying to loosen every screw he could find. It is actually quite amazing how many screws there actually are in a house.

After running around being Mr. Fixit-All, he was quite tired - even more than I realised because when I came around the corner this is what I found. I think he was trying to tell me something.

And off we went for a well deserved afternoon nap. Sweet dreams my boy!
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  1. Does he do renovations? We pay in goldfish... ANke