Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Family of Happy Snappers

I remember the very first photograph I ever took. We were on the beach in the middle of summer. My Dad had his camera and was shooting away. My Mom was pregnant with my sister and NOT enjoying the heat. I guess I must have been around 8 or 9 years old at the time. I remember it all so well. I asked my father if he would let me take a photograph and much to my surprise he allowed me to do so. Just one though. They used expensive film in those days. I was so excited! I can remember the feeling of the heavy steel body of the Minolta in my hands. I can remember bringing my first photograph into focus by turning the dial ever so gently. When that shutter released, I felt very proud of myself. That was most probably the start of my love for photography.

Now jump ahead a couple (or so) of decades into the future where we now have digital cameras of all shapes and sizes - even ones for small, clumsy hands like the one we acquired for Rowan. We have been wanting to get one for him for a long time now but just never found one that was well designed yet inexpensive enough for him to use. He has always shown great interest in my camera and the photos I take and one day this summer I allowed him to take some snap shots with mine. He loved it and we were excited to be able to see the world from his perspective.

So this weekend he got his first camera and was allowed and encouraged to take as many pictures as he wanted. He spent a lot of time roaming around the house - looking for things to photograph. As I watched him I wondered what his thought process was in deciding what to photograph and what to move past. It soon became quite clear that he was taking photos of his favourite things. Here you go. Have a look. His favourite trucks.

His favourite people.

His beloved kitty.

Another truck on his favourite drum.

His train.

This bear was actually brought over to the living room for a special photo shoot. Yip, he was posing the bear with Mom and then...

... with his good friend, O.

Well, that's all for Rowan's photos for now. We will be sure to get him to take some of our vacation.

I did some digging and found this photograph of my Mom on the beach. I am pretty sure it is the one I took on that happy day. I might be wrong though, and if I am, just let me believe it was this one, OK? It makes for a nice story :)

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  1. Its so nice to see you and mom in photo's :) Go Rowan, keep it up!

  2. love all the photo's!

  3. I was scrolling down thru the pics when Eli came up beside me and said, "STOP! I want to see that picture." It was the one with the train. He looked at it for a quite ahwile, admiring the train and asking how he could get one for Christmas. So, Rowan has a fan of his photography already because Eli said, "I love that picture!"

  4. Still waiting for Dezember part 1!! Glad you are back safely, Love Anke