Thursday, March 11, 2010

Rowan's Birthday

Rowan's birthday was on the 5th of March. It turned out to be a lovely day especially since it started out with cake for breakfast and phone calls and emails from our relatives and friends from all over the globe.

Our American family were coming over for dinner in the evening and Olivia decided to come help out during the day. Rowan and Olivia played all sorts of games. The photo below was a game of tiny-teddy-hide-and-go-seek. Rowan really enjoyed finding the bear and I must say he is pretty good at it too. He took equal pleasure in hiding the bear for Olivia to find. It kept them busy for a record amount of time.

When Dad came home in the evening he brought a big box wrapped in colourful balloon paper. Rowan's eyes lit up and he tore the paper off as quick as he could.

But then he had to wait for Dad to put his new work bench together and watched him do exactly that every step of the way. He loved it!

After hammering away at the work bench for a while people started arriving for dinner. One of his favourite friends, Trey, made sure that Rowan was entertained all night long. The two of them ran around chasing each other. Every now and again Rowan ensured that a grown up or two joined in on the fun.

The evening turned out to be a great success except for a few small mishaps - one of which involved the birthday cake which Richard and I made the night before. You see without thinking we switched on our oven to warm our food and didn't realise that the plastic covered cake was still in the there. It melted and two of our guests were sent to buy a suitable cake to form the base of Rowan's castle cake. They were able to find two smaller cakes that we could put next to each other. It worked quite well because now the castle had a moat where it didn't have one before. Thanks Missy and Tricia! You saved the day!

We all had a great day and would like to thank you all for sending your love and good wishes on Rowan's birthday. Birthdays are fun but they are even better when you get to share them with the ones you love.

Two very proud parents and their now three year old boy. We love you Rowan.
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  1. No more baby face! He's looking like such a little boy.

    And that's a cool cake.

  2. Sounds like a lot of fun! we need to get together, so he can get the accessories for his workbench... Way to go to the parents, three years of a lot of work!! :-) Anke

  3. Wish we were there to join in the birthday fun :) Looks like you all had a lot of fun. Great to see the whole family on the photo. Love you guys!