Thursday, March 4, 2010

It's Party Time!

Preparing for tomorrow when Rowan will be turning THREE years old.

Rowan went to bed with the smell of chocolate cake drifting through our home and a promise that he can have some for breakfast. I bet that tonight he will be dreaming of two things: one will be about the question we have been asking him over the last couple of days (Rowan, how old will you be tomorrow?) and secondly that delicious chocolate cake he so begrudgingly left behind.
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  1. How brave of you to bake a chocolate cake!
    Have fun with the preparations for the party!

  2. Happy Birthday Rowy!!! Wow, what an exiting cake :)

  3. I tried to call yesterday to sing "happy Birthday" but couldn't reach anyone. We hope you had a great day, Rowan!! Happy Birthday!!! Anke

  4. Hi Anke,

    It's a pity we missed your call. Rowan has really enjoyed getting phone calls from everyone. Thanks anyway!