Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Strawberry Picking

It's strawberry season and we went strawberry picking on a farm nearby with some of our friends. We could pick as many as we wanted but we settled on filling one small basket. Rowan was great at spotting them even those that were a few rows over. At first I did most of the picking but when he realised how easy it was he started picking them too and loved it.

Now here is a sight you don't really see on farms these days - people in the fields - working the land. What a sight and what a nice feeling to take part in it.

There were also some goats. One of them actually ate the grass we grabbed for it outside the fence. The other one was a little more picky since it has been munching on the berries from a mulberry tree which was too high for the other goat to reach. We decided to give the smaller one some strawberries. I think it liked it.

The adults also joined in on the fun at the play structure. Yes, even I slid down the huge drain pipe of a slide.

What a fun day. We will definitely have to do it again some time.
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  1. what a lovely day in the sun. Enjoy the strawberries. Love Granny

  2. mmmm - sounds like great fun!